4 Reasons To Sign Up for TSA Pre✓

Remember that time you’ve waited for what seemed like forever in an airport security line? And then you had to take off your shoes, belt, and jacket? Oh and don’t forget to take your laptop out of your bag! And, finally, running to your gate five minutes before boarding, dripping in sweat and out of breath?

Ah, memories!

Real talk. Everyone loves to travel (well — most of us, right?) but sometimes the process of getting through the airport security lines can be so stressful! Especially when TSA unpacks everything you’ve carefully packed into packing cubes the night before and then you have to repack everything in the middle of a crowded airport. Because that’s always fun, right?

It’s time to quit that stress and travel like a boss. It’s time you sign up for the TSA PreCheck program and once you’re approved, you’ll never want to travel differently again. (Unless it’s on a private jet sipping bubbles, but that’s a different story.)

The benefits of TSA PreCheck have been well documented. Here are four reasons to sign up today!

  • Affordable AF

    TSA PreCheck is pretty much the next best thing to feeling like a VIP. That, and shipping your luggage with LugLess (wink, wink).

    The application fee for TSA PreCheck is only $85! And once approved, your membership will last 5 years and then you’ll have to renew again. This application is only for U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and an in-person interview is required for the application process. A criminal background may prevent you from approval and if your membership is denied, then your $85 application fee is nonrefundable. It takes 2-3 weeks to get approved after your in-person interview.

    Tip: A lot of credit cards offer this perk for free. So you can save that $85.

  • Faster Lines

    If you hate long lines, then you’ll love breezing through a separate security screening lane for TSA-approved passengers. One of the most annoying parts of travel is the long security lines and just getting to your gate (even if you came to the airport extra early). There over 200 airports that have TSA PreCheck with 67 participating airlines nationwide. So if you travel often for work or fun within the United States, think about all of the time you’ll save not waiting in line! You can spend that extra time relaxing with a coffee before your flight.

  • No Taking Off Anything

    Next to standing in long lines, the second worst part is taking off everything and trying to gather it all together afterward. Nobody is a fan of removing clothing items in a crowded security line while everyone is in a *hurry*. If you’re TSA PreCheck approved, then you can keep your shoes, jackets, and belts on, plus you can also keep most electronics (such as laptops) or 3-1-1 liquids inside your bag. This cuts the time-consuming process and helps you get to your gate faster (and happier).

  • No Pat-Down

    Don’t like being touched? No prob! Being TSA PreCheck approved means you’ll receive pat-downs much less frequently than travelers without TSA PreCheck! While there is a chance pat-downs will be required (by the same-sex TSA agent), it’s very rare compared to the regular TSA screening process. Lots of people apply for this program just so they don’t have to go through the screening/pat-down process, which can create anxiety for some.

If you’ve heard of this travel gem but haven’t jumped on the TSA PreCheck train yet, then consider it before your next trip. In fact, if you also travel internationally, consider signing up for Global Entry because TSA PreCheck also comes with Global Entry. The cost is only $100, which is not much of a difference in price and you get both programs! So travel your heart out with ease!

Have you hopped on the TSA PreCheck train? Tell us about it!

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