5 Cities We Love for the Ultimate Girls Trip

Girls Trip

Pack a suitcase and gather up your Ride or Die besties! August 1st is “officially” National Girlfriends Day. And sure, getting together for brunch or drinks (or both: mimosas!) is great. But maybe this is the year you do something a little extra… Like, a go-out-of-town, explore-a-new-city, treat yo’self girls trip?

For the ultimate laugh-filled time with your crew, book a trip to one of these 5 trendy cities.

  • Austin

    A girls trip to one of the most vibrant cities in the Lone Star State? Yes, please! During the day, rent a scooter or bike and go on an insta-worthy tour of Austin’s iconic murals. After dark, Austin’s lively downtown offers everything from dive bars to swanky clubs, with live music almost everywhere.

    The culinary options in Austin are boundless: over 1,000 food trucks compete with sophisticated bistros for your appetite. But perhaps the most famous is Franklin’s Barbecue, which bills itself as “the best barbecue in the known universe.” The wait at Franklin’s is infamously long; plan on pre-gaming with lawn chairs, drinks, and games.

    Shopaholics can do their thing, too. Quirky shops and vintage boutiques are an Austin staple!

  • Nashville

    It’s Music City, y’all! You don’t have to love country music to fall head over heels for Nashville – but it doesn’t hurt, either. Catch a show at the Grand Ole Opry, or just hang out downtown and listen to local musicians.

    Nashville is the perfect city for exploring on foot, with its supremely walkable downtown. The street art scene is thriving in Nashville, so a mural tour will have you exploring the streets and working off some of the city’s delish barbecue.

    And if you and your besties want to get away from the more touristy areas, head over to Centennial Park. 132 acres of green space and walking trails, just outside the city.

  • New Orleans

    Who can resist a city filled with pastries and Hurricanes? No, not the gale-force ones; the ones that come in a tall glass. With a cherry on top.

    NoLa is filled with activities for an awesome girls trip. Check out the street performers in Jackson Square, high tea at the Ritz, and trendy boutiques all over the city.

    Feeling brave? New Orleans is ideal for foodies. Alligator, jambalaya, highly slurpable oysters, and crawfish await adventurous palates.

    Feeling extra brave? Take a New Orleans “Vampire Tour.” No guarantees that you’ll run into any night creatures, but cheesy good fun is the best part of any trip!

  • St. Augustine

    You could go for an all-out beach town (we’re feelin’ Miami!). But quaint St. Augustine mixes historic charm with a laid-back beach vibe for a unique flair. The pedestrian-only streets of America’s oldest city are lined with boutiques and monuments… and ice cream shops.

    Sightseeing is decidedly carefree in St. Augustine, but if you need a beach break, head east to nearby Pontevedra Beach. This Atlantic Ocean beach is full of waves and the occasional dolphin or two.

    Pro Tip: Leave the stilettos at home; St. Augustine’s cobblestones are meant for flats. Or wedges, at the most.

  • San Francisco

    Eclectic San Fran is sure to check all your boxes for a fantastic girls trip! City, nature, hills, ocean… if you want it, San Francisco has it.

    Don’t miss Fisherman’s Wharf, home to San Francisco’s famous sea lions. Then head over to the Painted Ladies, a row of pastel-painted houses (yes, the ones from Full House), before walking down Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world.

    If you’re ready to take a ride, cross Golden Gate Bridge and get lost in Muir Woods. The soaring redwoods reach well over 200 feet tall! Muir Woods is also, quite conveniently, on the way to Napa and Sonoma Valleys, with their numerous wineries. Just thought we’d point that out…

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