5 Planning Tips for a “Girls Only” Getaway

Girlfriends. Sisters. Tribe. Besties.

Whatever you call the girls you hang out with, one thing is for certain – girl time is the best time. Sure, family vacays are fun, and a romantic weekend is super sweet. But laughing until you cry with your closest friends? There’s just nothing like it.

So in honor of International Women’s Day, and all of the amazing women in our lives, we’ve put together a list of our top tips for an amazing girls-only getaway.

  • Take Planning Offline

    Sure, texting is easy. But then everyone chimes in, and replies, and OMG replies again – and pretty soon you’ve got a nightmare chain of texts debating NYC versus Miami Beach.

    Why not make an evening of it instead, and get all of the planning done over a glass of wine (or two, we’re not counting)? Set an agenda: you want to at least figure out when and where you’re going. These trip planning apps will help you keep the convo on track.

    If logistics make it impossible, at the very least jump on a video call so you can see who rolls their eyes when you suggest a ghost tour.

  • Decide on a Budget

    This is a toughie, but one of the reasons why you have to plan together. Not everyone’s going to be in the same place financially. There’s always going to be someone in between jobs, or someone who’s saving for a down payment, or, well, you get where we’re going. But if your crew is tight enough to vacay together, then you’re tight enough to tackle a difficult convo, such as finances.

    If that glass of wine isn’t helping, here’s a suggestion that’s sensitive to everyone: each of you write your max budget (anonymously) on a piece of paper. Then try to work within the lowest budget.

  • Stay Downtown

    Or on the beach, or at the ski lodge. The point is to stay where the action is. Yes, it might be a little bit more expensive, but so is the constant uber-ing back and forth. And think of how much vacay time you’re wasting, when you could be sightseeing as soon as you walk out the door.

    Trust us on this one: splurge a little on accommodations so that everything is within walking distance.

  • Plan a Really Awesome Experience

    C’mon, you and your besties are way too cool for the hop on/hop off bus tours! Don’t just head out of town with a vague “we’ll sightsee and get a tan” as your goal. A quick bit of research will give you plenty of ideas for ah-mazing activities. Viator.com offers some seriously cool experiences: become a surfer girl in San Francisco, take Cajun-style cooking lessons in New Orleans, or learn how to taste wine in Napa. If your crew is on the artsy side (or just wants to be!) unleash your inner artists and search out some creative inspo on your trip.

  • Leave Plenty of Downtime

    Does all of that sound like a whirlwind? Yeah, we thought so, too. That’s why we want to remind you to leave lots of downtime. Nights in, days spent at the pool. When there’s nothing else going on, that’s when the real girls’ trip magic happens. So leave space to just talk, and hang, and bond.

One last planning tip: make life easier for you and your besties by shipping your suitcases to your hotel or airbnb with LugLess. You’ll be able to hop off the plane and get right to enjoying your time together: no baggage claim, no hauling bags around town while waiting for check-in time. Just you and your girlfriends and your smiling selfies!

Life gets busy, and before you know it, you’ve lost touch with your favorite women. So today, on International Women’s Day, go ahead and call them and thank them for being the absolute best motivators, cheerleaders, mentors, listeners, and just plain friends you could ever want. Then go ahead and plan that trip with them. Even if it’s just a weekend – you deserve it!