5 Reasons Why Spring Skiing is the Best Skiing

No, really – skip the beach and hit the slopes!

It happens every year. The weather turns slightly warm, and bam! Suddenly everyone’s wearing leis and drinking out of a coconut. (Kind of.) And then there’s you, looking longingly at your ski boots and waterproof pants.

If you’re itching for one last slalom before you pack it all away for the year, we’ve got five reasons why you need to give spring skiing a shot.

  • Snow conditions

    How could anything else be tops on our list? Spring skiing conditions are the bomb. Seriously. Warm days followed by nights that dip below freezing pretty much guarantee perfect snow when you roll out.

    Another plus: fresh snow. Most resorts see multiple powder days in the spring, but then when it warms up in the afternoon? It’s all corn.

    Of course, you’ll have to do your research. Make sure you choose a resort that has a north-facing slope, higher altitude, and a history of long seasons. And a hot tub. Don’t forget the hot tub.

  • Insane deals

    The ski resorts know that people are beach-bound, looking for warmth and sunshine. So they’re going to make their prices as tempting as possible. We’re talking major discounts on slopeside lodging, lift tickets, and even that post-run craft beer are suddenly affordable.

    And then there’s the Holy Grail: a spring season pass. If you’re even thinking of extending your vacay, look into passes so you can ski every day (and some nights, too.).

    P.S. – Wanna save even more $$ on the slopes? Peep this: top ski gear at killer prices.

  • Warmer weather

    Forget about frostbitten toes and early nightfall. Spring skiing is all about mild weather – we’re talking 40s and 50s and clear skies – so don’t forget to pack your favorite sunnies. And a bathing suit (hello, hot tub!). Who knows, you might even be able to come off the mountain for a mountain bike ride, hike, or even a round of golf. Take that, beach-goers!

    Pro Tip: Leave the wool and insulation at home. Those ski boots are going to start sizzling, so wear thin ski socks. You’re welcome.

  • Vibe with your tribe

    We’re not trying to be ski snobs (although, we kinda are). But rookie skiers have no idea that spring skiing is so fantastic. They think it has to be cold to enjoy skiing. Shhhhh – don’t tell them your secret. Let them hit the beaches with their umbrella-decorated drinks.

    The other skiers on the mountain, though – man, that’s your tribe! The ones who can’t stay away from fresh powder, the ones who know that spring skiing just rocks. Those are your people. Who better to hang with in the après?

  • Cheaper flights

    Forget about flying into Utah or Vermont in December or January. By the time you finish paying for your flight, you won’t be able to afford lift tickets. But heading north while everyone’s heading south? Now you’re talking. Check out some of those, ahem, not-so-luxury airlines for deep savings.

    Of course, those cheaper flights are with discount airlines that charge for every little thing. Peanuts? Upcharge. Inflight movie? Upcharge. Checking skis? Forget it – major upcharge. You’re way better off shipping your skis and bags with LugLess. We’ll get your gear to your hotel, resort, airbnb, or wherever else you decided to crash, starting at just $20.

So, wyd this spring? Now that you know why springtime is ski time, are you skiing or what? Let us know where you’re headed in the comments. Maybe we can all get matching tees made or something…

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