Shred for Less: Best Value in Ski Gear

Skiing has got to be up there with polo, golf and yachting in the ranks of famously expensive sports—but when you’re hooked on the feeling of whooshing down double blacks… you’re hooked. Luckily, there are ways to keep costs down, and your ski gear is one of them. Just in time for the opening of the season, we’ve rounded up some killer ski gear items for you and the skiers and snowboarders on your holiday list that won’t break the bank. Now, try not to break any bones, k?

  • Instead of a GoPro… Y1 4K Action Camera

    GoPros can run upwards of hundreds of dollars but this little guy from Yi, at $59.99, is a steal. Videos are clear, the camera is tiny, and best of all, it connects to WiFi for easy transfers.

  • Instead of hiring a ski instructor… Carve

    This is definitely like something out of The Jetsons… Carve is a digital ski instructor that tracks your skiing via a thin liner in your boots and uses AI to pick up on your style and technique. As you are skiing, you’ll receive audio tips through your headphones on what needs improvement. It also tracks details like race times so you can watch your improvement throughout the season.

  • Instead of pricey stops for drinks… Collapsible water pouches

    Ski resorts’ food and drinks options are notoriously overpriced. Instead of relying on their $12 bottles of Evian, pack a lightweight and collapsible water pouch in your backpack that can be flattened down when empty. Same goes for packing snacks like power bars and trail mix.

  • Instead of disposable boot warmers… Sidas reusable boot warmers

    These hot mamas keep your tootsies warm and can be reused, allowing you to stay toasty and help save the planet. Because you’re a hero like that.

  • Instead of paying full retail… Go online sleuthing

    There are a handful of online outlet stores that sell last season’s mountainside styles and models with deep discounts. Favorite sites include Steep & Cheap, Evo, The House, and Sierra. We’re talking brands like Patagonia, North Face, Marmot and Salomon for as much as 70% off. And I’m sorry, but who cares if your long underwear is from last season?

  • Instead of having to replace your phone when it breaks… Phoozy pouch

    You gotta protect your phone while on the slopes—from snow, extreme temperatures and—sorry—crashes. This cool pouch does just that. Now if only they made full bodysuits in this material…

Best of all, when you ship your gear ahead of you using LugLess, you don’t have to worry so much about overpacking, so go ahead and throw in that extra down vest! Go on with your bad self. Have any favorite ski gear hacks? Share them in comments, and happy trails!

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