Don’t Let These Five Things Ruin Your Ski Trip

Before you book your ski vacation, prepare yourself for the number of challenges you may face

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re probably the only person who gets excited when it snows. Winter season is the perfect excuse to bust out your skis, hit the slopes and admire the mountains! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pro, there are always a few annoyances that happen on every ski trip. You’re on vacation to have fun and chill out (literally)!

Before you slay the mountain, check out these 5 solutions to common ski problems.

  • Cold feet

    Sometimes you’ll get bitter cold temps. Sometimes you can’t feel your toes. Sometimes you’re not wearing the right ski clothes. Seriously, don’t be that person who thinks it’s OK to ski in jeans or boxer briefs. On every ski trip, there’s someone who always complains about being too cold, and it’s probably because they’re not prepared. Nothing ruins a long day of skiing than cold feet. Ain’t nobody got time to lose feeling in their toes.

    Solution: Consider investing in battery boot heaters. This will be the best investment you can make for your cold feet. There are many options for electronic boot warmers and it’s easy to insert battery-operated boot heaters into your ski boots. A heating system inside your ski boots will spoil you for life.

  • Carrying all the ski gear

    If you have a lot of ski gear, there’s no way you’re going to carry everything and have free arm/leg movement on the slopes. Also, FYI, carrying your ski gear while trying to ski is one of the unsafest things you can do. You’re hella smarter than that.

    Solution: You have two options. You can wear a backpack that has ski strap features and can carry the basic necessities. Pro-tip: get one with an internal hydration pouch. Skiing is hard work and you’re likely to get thirsty, or at least you’ll need to hydrate for après ski. A low-profile backpack that is designed for skiing is especially important in order to ride the chairlifts. However, if you’re a beginner or know you’re going to take many breaks, you can leave what you’re not going to use inside the ski lockers or in your ski resort. Just take your basic ski necessities until you’re comfortable with more advanced options.

  • Painful ski boots

    The level of pain from your ski boots can go from moderate discomfort to OMG-GET-THESE-THINGS-OFF-ME. If your feet always ache in your ski boots, even after you’ve broken them in, you’re not alone. This is a common ski problem. However, you don’t have to suffer! There are several things you can do to be pain-free.

    Solution: Wear ski socks with extra padding on the shins. Also, don’t overtighten your boots to the point where they stop blood flow and make sure you can wiggle your toes. And if all else fails, visit a ski specialist and get a pair of boots customized for your feet.

  • Sore AF

    If you haven’t skied in 10 months (or ever!) and plan to hit the slopes like it’s no big deal, your body is in for a surprise. It’s no secret that skiing takes up a lot of energy and muscle power. It helps if you’re physically fit and workout regularly. Moderate soreness after a ski day is normal. However, if you can barely move after a ski session, it’s time you learn how it’s done. There are several things you can do to lessen the pain before you strap on your ski boots!

    Solution: Stretch and hydrate. Don’t worry, you can still indulge in a post-ski beer or glass of wine but drink that H2O! Sking a high energy winter sport and you’re body will need strength. Also, make sure to stretch your muscles (especially those hamstrings and calf muscles) before and after skiing.

  • Schlepping bags (Ughhh)

    The struggle is real. If you’re anything like the rest of world, it’s likely you’re a chronic over-packer. Ain’t no shame in your over-packing game! Sometimes you need the perfect post-ski outfit for the gram. Also, why rent ski equipment when you have your own equipment?! If you’ve packed too much or don’t want to lug your ski equipment, there’s a simple solution.

    Solution: Ship all of your luggage/equipment and travel through the airport without oversized bags. LugLess will ship your skis and luggage to your ski resort, hotel, Airbnb or any destination you request starting at only $15. So pack your heart out, we got you.

Your ski trip doesn’t have suck if you’re fully prepared this season. Use our ski solutions as you see fit. Tune up your skis, invest in a few ski lessons, don’t forget your swimsuit (for the hot tub and sauna!), and make sure to have a blast on the slopes! Don’t miss out on your ski trip this winter season. Yolo!

What problems do you experience on ski trips? Share with us in the comments!


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