5 Insanely Fun Family Vacation Ideas

family vacation

Awesome Trips to Plan with Your Kids

Whether you have toddlers or teens (or both!), there’s no better way to bond with your kids than leaving work and school behind for a family vacation. From lazy beach days to the excitement of outer space, your travels as a family will become some of your most cherished memories.

Not sure where to head off on your next family adventure? Check out these awesome ideas for an unforgettable vacay with your kiddos.

  • Anaheim, CA

    What better family vacation spot than the original House of the Mouse? Anaheim is home to Walt Disney’s very first theme park, which opened way back in 1955.

    And while there’ve been tons of changes (*cough* ticket prices *cough*), one thing has stayed the same. Kids looove Mickey and his pals! Add some thrilling rides and a new Star Wars-themed area, and you’ve got a theme park the whole fam can enjoy.

    Anaheim is just 25 miles from the coast, so consider renting a car and splashing in the Pacific Ocean while you’re in town.

    Best Family Vacation Spot for: eating Mickey-shaped ice cream

  • Boston, MA

    Ready to give your kids a history lesson? Beantown it is!!

    Boston is packed with historical sights, including Old North Church, made famous by Paul Revere’s “one if by land, two if by sea” midnight ride. History buffs of all ages will enjoy walking the Freedom Trail. This 2.5 mile walk includes stops at graveyards, churches, museums, and even a commissioned warship.

    Sports fans will be equally thrilled to visit Boston. Regardless of the season, chances are there’s a pro sports game to watch. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey… you name it, Boston’s got it.

    Best Family Vacation Spot for: bringing the American Revolution to life

  • Hilton Head Island, SC

    Looking for a place where your kids can disconnect and just be… kids? Check out Hilton Head Island and its 12 (yes, twelve!) miles of beaches.

    Located right on the South Carolina coast, Hilton Head is best enjoyed at the beach. The soft, sandy shore is perfect for everything from building tidal pools to playing frisbee. Other fun family outings include horseback riding and biking.

    And don’t forget to visit Harbour Town, with its iconic red and white striped lighthouse. The views from the top make it worth the climb—even if you have to give your kid a piggyback ride to the top!

    Best Family Vacation Spot for: unplugging and unwinding

  • Kennedy Space Center, FL

    With so much emphasis in schools on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), it’s no surprise that we’re looking at a new generation of astronauts!

    Fuel your kid’s space travel fantasies with a trip to Kennedy Space Center and its interactive exhibits, IMAX movies, and even a taste of “astronaut food” (dehydrated ice cream). And make sure to stop by their Rocket Garden, where you can marvel at full-sized replicas of rockets, fuel tanks, space capsules, and more.

    When you’re done with science for the day, head over to nearby Cocoa Beach for surf lessons from local wave riders.

    Best Family Vacation Spot for: daydreaming of the stars.

  • Tombstone, AZ

    If your kids enjoy playing cowboy, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to plan a trip to the Wild, Wild West… Tombstone, that is, also known as “The Town Too Tough to Die.”

    The National Historic Landmark District was once home to the legendary Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, Tombstone is a step back in time. Groups of gunslingers and cowboy musicians wander the streets, the OK Corral hosts gunfight reenactments, and you guys can even hitch a ride on a stagecoach.

    We also recommend a quick day trip to Saguaro National Park, where the majestic cacti soar to heights of 40 to 60 feet. Seeing them in a fiery desert sunset is absolutely breathtaking.

    Best Family Vacation Spot for: sporting a 10-gallon hat

Intergenerational travel can be a total blast, and these places have everything in place for an amazing family vacation!

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