5 Surprising Cities for Amazing Street Photography

street photography

Get ready to light up your Instagram

Has your social media been looking a bit on the blah side lately? Here’s something that’ll make your insta-followers click the heart button almost faster than you can upload: street photography. Everything from vibrant murals to gorgeous architecture is fair game!

Got your camera packed already? Here are our five favorite cities for photographing the urban landscape and taking some drool-worthy pics for your social media.

    • Austin, TX

      Starting the very moment you lay eyes on its skyline, Austin will have the photographer in you calculating shutter speeds and comparing lenses. (Or just pulling out your phone, we’re not judging!)

      Amateur and professional photographers alike agree that the spot to hit is Sixth Street, with its gritty bars, neon-lit restaurants, and colorful tattoo parlors.

      Another spot you’ll want to visit is The Austin Graffiti Wall. The graffiti is constantly changing, but it’s always bright, creative, and insta-amazing!

      Street Photography Must: visit the gorgeously iconic Driskill Hotel, complete with photo-friendly horse-drawn carriages out in front.

    • Denver, CO

      If outdoor art is your thing, you’ll find public murals and graffiti decorating alleys, garages, walls, and storefronts all over the Mile High City. In fact, some of the world’s most talented street artists view Denver as their canvas.

      While you’re there, try to catch an NFL game at Mile High Stadium. The stunning view of the Rockies will have you pulling out your camera once again.

      Street Photography Must: stop by the Art District on Santa Fe, home to the largest concentration of art galleries in Colorado, where creativity spills into the streets

    • Miami Beach, FL

      We love Miami for a million reasons. Its Instagram appeal is just one of them!

      A walk down Ocean Drive provides endless photo opps, with palm trees and art deco buildings lining the perennially popular beachfront street. Think pastel-hued buildings and bright blue infinity pools. Stick around after dark, too, for shots of the neon lights on the hotels, bars, and shops.

      Then head to North Miami’s amazing Wynwood Walls. The outdoor museum and its surrounding streets offer up some truly jaw-dropping murals.

      Street Photography Must: get lost in the residential neighborhoods of South Beach for some fun and funky architecture

    • New York City, NY

      Was there any doubt that the Big Apple would make our list? Yeah, we didn’t think so, either!

      Almost any street in the city lends itself to being photographed. Cafes, graffiti, bars, and more just look more photogenic in New York!

      But let’s face it, NYC has some of the most instagrammable, recognizable spots in the country. Broadway and Times Square are the classic shots, especially at night. This is the City that Never Sleeps, after all.

      Street Photography Must: even though it’s technically not a street, head over to Central Park for a photoshoot

    • San Francisco, CA

      There’s no shortage of famous photo spots in San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, the nearby redwoods…

      But if you really want to photograph this city’s streets, then it’s all about the outdoor art. San Francisco is home to over a thousand murals (and we lost count of the graffiti).

      Head over to the Mission District, where almost every flat surface has been painted by local artists. While you’re there, walk down Balmy Alley, with murals dating back to 1972. Each mural here tells a vivid story, many of them centering around the Chicano culture and its history of marginalization.

      Street Photography Must: pay a visit to the Painted Ladies, the famous row of pastel-colored Victorian homes featured in countless movies and t.v. show

    So what do you think? Did our list of insta-worthy photo spots bring out your creative juices? Head over to one of these cities and unleash your inner shutterbug!

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