6 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Galentine’s Getaway

galentine's getaway

Show some love to your besties

February isn’t just for couples! The month of love offers something for everyone, including those best friends who’ve become like sisters. Which is why they deserve their very own holiday, Galentine’s Day. And this year, take that love to the next level by grabbing your favorite girlfriends and heading out of town for an epic Galentine’s getaway.

Here are our favorite tips for planning a Galentine’s trip that celebrates friendship and creates lasting memories.

  • Agree to the details

    As early as you can in the planning stages, start including everyone who you think might be interested in joining you on your Galentine’s adventure.

    Start discussing the most important details: dates and destinations. Discuss expectations and keep people’s hobbies and interests in mind to find a location that aligns with the group’s preferences.

    And don’t forget budget constraints. You’ll want to make sure everyone can afford plane tickets, accommodations, and meals. Group activities can be optional, so there’s always something for everyone to do.

  • Choose the right accommodations

    When it comes to group trips such as a Galentine’s getaway, we’re huge fans of renting an Airbnb.

    Instead of each person going back to their individual room at the end of the day, you can extend your time together into the evening. Board games, face masks and Netflix binges, and late-night talks will make your trip even more of a bonding experience.

    And if you pool your funds, you’ll probably pay less than you would have for your own hotel room!

  • Plan… without overplanning

    Some details can (and should!) be ironed out ahead of time. Especially for large groups and in popular destinations, you may want to make dinner reservations or book tours ahead of time.

    You and your friends may discover a funky live music venue or a sunny oceanfront hammock that you’d rather enjoy. Or you may find yourselves having so much fun just catching up that you’d prefer not to be “on the go” the whole time.

    So when you’re looking at your itinerary, make sure you leave plenty of time for spontaneity, too.

  • Treat yourselves

    Your entire Galentine’s getaway should feel like a treat!

    But beyond that, allow yourself the chance to enjoy a unique and memorable experience with your best girlfriends.

    Maybe it’s a spa day. Maybe it’s a wine tasting. Maybe it’s a “bucket list” experience.

    Whatever interests your group, making memories is what a Galentine’s getaway is all about!

  • Buy a special souvenir

    And not the usual souvenir tee shirts or another magnet for your fridge!

    Consider picking up something small but meaningful as a group to commemorate your trip. Even something as simple as matching jewelry or a pretty photo frame for a group photo can be a wonderful reminder of the fun times you shared.

    You’ll smile every time you look at it, we promise.

  • Take lots of pictures!

    Now, we would normally urge you to stay off your phone and focus on connecting with your friends during your Galentine’s getaway.

    But when everyone’s gone back home and you aren’t spending 24/7 together, guess what? You’re going to miss these girls, and your photos are the perfect way to keep your memories alive!

    Create a shared online folder, where everyone can drop their photos and videos, and you can all reminisce together. It’ll be just what you need to inspire you to start planning the next girls’ trip!

Ready to have an amazing time on your Galentine’s trip? These tips will make it easy to plan a getaway that’s so much fun, you’ll want to do it every year!

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