Best Places to Visit: 3 Fun Things to Do in the Poconos

Spring has finally arrived! However, you are not planning to book a trip and travel until this summer when those extra unused vacation days are approved by your boss. Or, perhaps, you are waiting until you save a bit more money to book that epic summer trip.

Until either become official, you are Googling on your time off “best places to visit in 2020” or “where to go to escape my house and regain my sanity“. We feel you – that’s our state of mind right now as we wait for the trees and flowers to bloom here as well.

What better way to enjoy a summer vacation then by escaping into nature. A place with hiking trails, waterfalls, lakes, and quaint little towns filled with antique shops. We have just the spot: the Poconos!

Here are 3 fun and unique things to do no matter where you end up staying in the Pocono Mountains.

  • The Delaware River: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting

    There is nothing more peaceful than spending an afternoon with friends or family leisurely floating down a river with full shades on and swimming gear. Most places that rent tubes/rafts allow you to bring a cooler filled with lunch food and none glass drinks for hydration (no alcohol, sorry).

    If you want more of an active experience on the Delaware River you can rent a canoe or kayak. While it gives you much less space for extra items you can get a full day’s workout while enjoying yourself paddling in and out of those rapids.

    Also, when you want to take a break from paddling you can pull over (no turn signals needed) and sit out on the river bank and eat some food or take a swim.

  • Try Paintball: Yes, it is Super Awesome

    Well, one thing is for sure, the Poconos doesn’t have a shortage of outdoor space or Paintball locations. Ever wanted to get back at your little brother or partner in a passive-aggressive, fun kind of way?

    Look no further than this fun team sport that is sure to test your hand-eye coordination skills and find out who you’d want to be lost with in the woods. Also, worth noting, this is an excellent work out for your entire body without even realizing it.

  • Camping Out: Get Back to Basics

    Even if you are staying in a hotel, motel, or Airbnb for the weekend or week it may be worth a night out to test your tent pitching and S’mores skills.

    Nothing speaks nature like a good ole’ campfire, looking up at a starry filled night, cricket sounds all around, as you enjoy some outdoor grilled food talking and sharing laughs / stories with your closet friends or family.

    And, of course, who makes the best Smore’s (or worst). We are not judging as it’s all about the experience and escaping your daily routine and enjoying something a bit different than you’re used to doing.

With that said, now that we’ve given you a few fun things to try on your next trip to The Poconos, let us add one more unofficial tip:

If you are flying to The Poconos consider shipping your luggage and country flannel ahead of time. You can start your nature filled week or weekend from your front door, not baggage claim. Get back to basics and free up both your arms and hands for that paddle, paintball gun, or Smore’s stick.