Can I check a box with an airline?

Yes, you can! Typically, college students and people that are moving or relocating tend to check extra boxes with an airline. Not many of us have more than a couple of suitcases in our hallway closets.

Also, travelers that have extra items or gifts that they are bringing to a friend or relative when visiting tend to check boxes vs. luggage with an airline.

Same baggage fee rules and restrictions apply for checking a cardboard box on an airplane. It doesn’t matter to the airline if you are checking a piece of luggage or a box as long as weight and dimensions are within range for their checked bag categories – remember, size matters.

Make sure to confirm what each airline charges for each of their bag categories. Not all bags or boxes are created equal. Most US airlines allow a free carry on, however, the prices start to jump to $30 or more for a standard checked bag/box and even higher for oversized or overweight bags/boxes.

Here’s what to expect for your checked box on your next flight.

  • Standard Checked Box:

    Dimensions: 62 linear inches (L+H+W)

    Weight Limit: 50lbs

    Baggage fees:

    • $30-$35 for first checked bag/box.
    • $40-$45 for the second checked bag/box.
    • $150-$200 for the third and fourth checked bag/box.
  • Overweight Checked Box:

    Dimensions: 62 linear inches (L+H+W)

    Weight Limit: 51-99lbs

    Baggage fees: $75-$200 per overweight bag

  • Oversized Checked Box:

    Dimensions: 63-80 linear inches (L+H+W)

    Weight Limit: 50lbs

    Baggage fees: $75-$200 per oversized bag

If you are sending sports equipment like skis, snowboards, or golf clubs the baggage fees and requirements vary greatly per airline. Here’s a breakdown and handy list.

If you would like to bypass checking your cardboard box all together you can ship it ahead of time with LugLess. We utilize major shippers like FedEx and UPS to save your money and ensure you won’t be left scratching your head at the airline check-in counter on what bag category your box fits into and what fees you are going to pay.