Consumer Reports: Alternatives to Checking Your Luggage

As 2020 kicks off, here’s another reason to ship your luggage vs. checking it with an airline. Consumer Reports takes a deep dive on the luggage shipping space and how service providers stack up vs. airline baggage fees.

SPOILER ALERT: LugLess is the only one that is a cost competitive alternative to airline baggage fees.  

“LugLess, owned by Luggage Forward, is a budget service that uses an algorithm to find discounts with FedEx and UPS. Customers take their luggage to a local drop-off point or arrange for it to be picked up for an added fee.

If you’re at least five days from departure and have a modest amount of gear, you may be able to beat the airlines on price. For example, shipping two bags from Houston to Milwaukee costs $40, or $20 per bag. (For this rate, you drop off and pick up yourself.)”

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s the full luggage shipping roundup article by Consumer Reports: Read more


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