SmarterTravel: Should You Check or Ship Your Suitcase?

Well, deciding to check or ship your bag is definitely a big decision for anyone planning a trip.

SmarterTravel inked an in depth roundup article to help travelers compare the hassle of lugging their bags to and from the airport + those hefty prices for airline baggage fees vs. shipping luggage ahead of time.

The LugLess estimate to get one carry-on bag (under 25 pounds) from Philadelphia to New York was $24.99 for three-day delivery. 

Once again, LugLess stacks up on price + convenience of shipping luggage ahead of time and avoiding the worst part of taking a trip: your physical baggage.

Here is the full SmarterTravel article so our readers can take a look at the various luggage shipping options available to travelers wanting a better way to travel this year.