Fan-Favorite Hockey Arenas

hockey arenas

4 must-visit stadiums for catching an NHL game

Passion. Precision. Power. And all three… on ice! We’re talking about one of our favorite sports, hockey. And once you experience the thrilling unpredictability and raw excitement of the NHL’s top hockey arenas, you’ll be hooked for life.

From the home of one of the league’s newest expansion teams to the house built by one of the NHL’s Original Six, you’ll have an amazing time at one of these stadiums.

  • Amalie Arena (Tampa Bay Lightning)

    Most people wouldn’t associate Florida with anything cold… including hockey arenas. Which makes Amalie Arena just that much more awesomely surprising!

    Let’s start with its prime location on downtown Tampa’s waterfront, where you’ll find plenty of pre-game food and drink options nearby.

    Speaking of pre-gaming, make sure you get to Amalie Arena early enough to enjoy Thunder Alley. Fans of the home team gather outside the arena for live music, food trucks, interactive fan zones, and other pre-game festivities.

    But that’s nothing compared to watching the Lightning play! Amalie Arena is known for its unique Tesla coils, which release bolts of electricity every time the home team scores for a thrilling effect.

    After the game, walk along the Riverwalk to Armature Works. The upscale food court houses over 14 delicious eateries, 2 Michelin-recommended restaurants, and a rooftop bar overlooking Tampa and its waterfront.

  • Madison Square Garden (New York Rangers)

    Basketball. Baseball. Football. Soccer. Is there any sport New York City doesn’t do?

    Madison Square Garden is more than one of the NHL’s top hockey arenas. It’s an iconic sports and entertainment venue that’s hosted legendary concerts ranging from Elvis to Bon Jovi to Taylor Swift. Plus it’s the home of two sports teams: the Rangers and the NBA’s New York Knicks. Whew!

    But back to hockey. The New York Rangers are one of the Original Six teams. Their games are steeped in history and traditions. And the team’s passionate fan base is there to make sure you know it!

    MSG gets as loud as you can imagine, with fans chanting and cheering for the entire game. The atmosphere is absolutely electric, regardless of the final score!

    And while most sports stadiums aren’t quite the spot to indulge your foodie side, the concession stands serve up some of NYC’s favorite eats: hot dogs and pizza.

  • TD Garden (Boston Bruins)

    What happens when you combine the rich heritage of one of hockey’s founding teams with the vibrant culture of a historic city? An electric, iconic, fantastic time!

    Located in the heart of Boston, TD Garden is surrounded by pre- and post-game dining and entertainment options. Or check out Quincy Market, aka Boston’s “foodie paradise,” just a short walk away.

    Then head over to TD Garden to watch one of the NHL’s top teams at work… and their boisterous fans at play! Yes, you guys heard it here first: Boston sports fans are notoriously rowdy, and hockey is no exception to the rule.

    From a sea of black and gold-wearing fans singing “Sweet Caroline” to classic tunes from the Boston Garden Organ, a hockey game at TD Garden is filled with musical traditions.

    Errrrr, make that loud traditions! You’ll have to cover your ears during the enthusiastic “Na-na-na, na-na-na” whenever the Bruins score a goal!

  • T-Mobile Arena (Vegas Golden Knights)

    What the relatively new team lacks in history, the Knights certainly make up for in their over-the-top Vegas-ness.

    Despite being one of the NHL’s newest hockey arenas, T-Mobile Arena is already picking up its own in-game traditions.

    First up is the Knight Line, an electrifying group of drummers and percussionists amplifying the arena’s energy. The pounding drumline starts off home games by rocking out through the concourse long before the puck drops in a fan-fave pre-game ritual exclusive to Las Vegas.

    Then the players take it up a notch, arriving in an armored vehicle that adds to their medieval flavor. Get ready for ear-busting chants of “Vegas belongs to hockey!” as the crowd welcomes the home team.

    And finally, there’s the team’s mascot (Chance) and cheerleaders (the Golden Aces), both of which provide plenty of entertainment and crowd engagement throughout the game.

    It’s just the dazzling entertainment display you’d expect from an arena located right on the legendary Vegas Strip!

Ready to take in some action on ice? These fun, crowd-friendly NHL hockey arenas practically guarantee you’ll have an awesome time!

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