Get Shipping Labels Without a Printer

digital shipping labels

Bye-bye, printing; hello digital shipping labels!

You’re not riding in a horse and buggy. Your beeper isn’t going off. So whyyyy are you still printing? Unless you actually enjoy clearing out multiple paper jams a day, that is.

Let’s be real: printers are dinosaurs. Technological T-Rexes. And they’re seriously the last thing you want to deal with when you’re shipping your luggage (or anything else, for that matter).

That’s why… drumroll, please… we’ve created LugLess Digital Labels™.

  • Book your luggage shipment on your phone.
  • Instantly get your digital shipping label.
  • Scan it at the closest FedEx or UPS location.
  • Drop off your bags.
  • Enjoy your travels!

Yes, it really is that easy. And we know you’re going to love it… here’s why:

  • Because Who Owns a Printer Anymore?

    Maybe a better question is: who owns a working printer anymore? Either it’s out of toner or it won’t connect to your WiFi or you’ve got to deal with that paper jam. Or let’s face it, you ditched it like you ditched the fax machine and never looked back.

    When you’re booking your luggage shipment for your trip, finding a (working) printer is just going to add to that last-minute packing stress. Because no one else you know has one at home, either. So if you’re a last-minute packer (guilty!), you’ll have to figure out which business supply store is open late and rush over there to print your label…

    Well, now you can forget about those printing headaches because our digital labels are available right on your phone. So, you just need to head to one of more than 15,000 FedEx or UPS locations that can scan your LugLess Digital Label, drop off your bags, and carry on with your life.

  • Because Everything Else is Digital

    If you never had to print anything again in your lifetime, would you miss it? That’s a solid no from us! As far as we’re concerned: printing has been canceled.

    Every other detail of your trip is on your phone: your boarding pass, mobile hotel check in, driving directions, car rental, that cheesy group tour (it’s okay, we take them too). Why should your shipping labels be the exception? Spoiler Alert: they shouldn’t be.

    We’re not gonna lie; it’s kind of magical to just walk into the UPS Store or FedEx Office (or more than 8,000 other drop-off locations like your neighborhood Walgreens or Duane Reade) and have it all done ahead of time. Just a quick head nod, bag drop, and a “hey” and you’re all set. Go about your travels with nothing to carry but your phone and your Starbucks.

  • Because You’re Working Remotely

    Being a remote worker has major bennies: “lounge wear,” no commuting, and having your fur-baby for a coworker. But there’s also one major drawback—no freebie office supplies, and that includes access to the office printer.

    Let your 9 to 5 friends print away to their heart’s desire. You’ve got digital shipping labels, right there on your phone. Plus you’re in your jammies at 2 pm. Sweet!

  • Because You’re on the Road

    10 am checkout, 5 pm flight home. It’s great when you can maximize your last day. But not so great if you’re hauling your luggage around for hours. Thanks, but no thanks!

    But you’re at your Airbnb and there’s no printer. Or the hotel’s business center is out of toner (because who prints anymore?). You guys, we can feel your blood pressure rising from here! Deep breaths; digital labels’ve got you covered.

    So much easier to walk over to the FedEx or UPS, have them scan your phone, and drop off your luggage. And you’ll get to spend the rest of your vacation day, you know, actually vacationing. Hop-on, hop-off tour bus, anyone?

Go ahead and ship your luggage with LugLess. You deserve those luggage-free, stress-free, hands-free travel days!