How Much Each Airline Charged For Checked Baggage in 2019

$5.8 billion dollars collected by US airlines in 2019.

In 2019, travel demand was extremely high in the United States. That means lots of passengers in the airports and tons of baggage checked with US airlines.

In addition, major US airlines raised their checked bag fees, making millions of basic economy ticketed travelers fork over that extra money they saved on their cheap flights for their luggage transport. Here is the “2019 Billionaire (and Millionaire) Baggage Fee Club” list.

  1. American Airlines: $1,339,124,000
  2. Delta Air Lines: $1,035,058,000
  3. United Airlines: $1,006,333,000
  4. Spirit Airlines: $758,771,000
  5. Frontier Airlines: $459,158,000
  6. JetBlue: $361,414,000
  7. Alaska Airlines: $327,651,000
  8. Allegiant Air: $265,094,000
  9. Hawaiian Airlines: $85,756,000
  10. Sun Country Airlines: $70,567,000
  11. Southwest Airlines: $50,824,000

The above revenue is gathered directly from the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics 2019 annual baggage fee figures for US airlines. An increase of 15.02 percent from 2018 baggage fee revenue or $830,750,000 dollars (just shy of a billion dollars). When you travel again in 2020 consider using LugLess and ship your luggage instead and avoid these ridiculous airline baggage fees.

We doubt 2020 will come anywhere close to these staggeringly high checked baggage revenue numbers but we shall see how US airlines react to less passengers and less flights this year.