How To Find The Cheapest Domestic Flights Within The USA

Obviously, airfare is a huge factor in your overall trip cost. Because if your flight is too expensive, then there’s no way you’re going on vacay.

That’s not how we roll here at LugLess. We’re all about finding the cheapest flights and vacationing like a pro. The United States is such a big and beautiful country, and it is your right to explore it! Don’t let something like flight prices get in your way or discourage you from traveling. There are plenty of ways to score cheap flights within the USA.

Here are tips for finding the cheapest flights so you can travel as often as you like — cause ain’t nobody got time for expensive flights.

  • Be Flexible AF

    If you really want to score AMAZING flight deals, then be flexible with times, dates, and airports. It’s no secret that airline prices vary depending on the time of the year, whether it’s a weekday or weekend, and, of course, holidays. Summer in the US is a very popular time for vacations. However, if you’re flexible with dates, your chances of a cheaper deal will be more likely. Want to fly on a Saturday when everyone else is flying? Then get ready to pay those premium prices. Instead, try flying during the weekday and you’ll be surprised by the price difference. Here are some tips to be as flexible as possible:
    – Travel off-season
    – Fly during the weekday
    – Be flexible on the time of day you travel
    – Be flexible on travel destinations (be open to new destinations for cheap deals!)

  • Fly Budget Airlines

    Budget airlines are a travel addict’s best friend. Keep an eye out for amazing deals. For example, Frontier Airlines often releases $20 one-way flights within the US. So you can ideally get roundtrip airfare for less than 50 bucks! Of course, availability for these amazing deals are limited and you have to be flexible on dates and times. But for $20, how can you say no?

    Of course, with any budget airlines, there are fees such as checked bags, carry-ons, and printing your boarding pass. But don’t sweat, if you don’t want to pay the extra baggage fees, just ship your luggage with LugLess starting at $15!

    Here are some budget airlines to consider:
    Frontier Airlines
    Southwest Airlines
    Spirit Airlines

  • Search Multiple Travel Websites

    Before you book that flight, make sure to check different search engines and compare prices. Also, make sure to check the actual airline’s website (especially budget airlines). Of course, if you find that prices are the same across all platforms, then there’s no need to continue digging for hours. But it’s always a good idea to do your research as it could save you major bucks.
    Check out these flight search engines to find cheap flights.
    Google Flights

  • Book In Advance

    How many times have you seen a great deal, waited and then came back to see that it’s twice as much? Check out flights 2-3 months in advance and make sure to sign up for alerts from airlines and search engines! When you see a great deal, book it! Sure, you’ll need to make sure you can actually have those days off from work but if you can, book it. Your future travel self will thank you. And, your wallet will thank you, too!

    Here are some major US travel deal sites to keep an eye on:
    Scott’s Cheap Flights
    Secret Flying

    Finding cheap flights doesn’t have to be hard. Remember, there is always a cheap flight to somewhere and if you’re flexible and open to exploring a different part of the US (on a budget!), then you’ll be fine.

Summer is coming up and you’ll want too use up those vacation days and book it outta here. Check out our basic economy guide to survive those cheap flights!

What are your hacks for cheap flights? Share with us in the comments!


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