How to Have a Covid-Safe Spring Break

(Yes, you can still have fun)

There’s no denying it: we’re all going a little stir-crazy. And with spring break right around the corner, the urge to run away from it all is stronger than ever. We get it. And we completely agree. You should do something fun for spring break! Round up your besties, and plan an adventure. You just have to make it a little safer than usual, that’s all.

So, in honor of your favorite flip-flops, here are our top three suggestions for a safe spring break vacay.

  • Catch some waves

    It’s not scientifically proven, but that fresh ocean breeze just feels less germy. And you were planning on hitting a beach or two anyways, right? So pack your sunnies and stake out a spot away from the other groups.

    Pro Tip: Before you slather on the sunscreen, strike up a conversation with some of the locals and ask where they go. Ask them for directions to the less-crowded “hidden” beaches. Or do some research and find some more secluded beaches near you so you can avoid the overcrowded hot spots.

  • Hit the open road

    Ditch flying – and crowded airplanes – and take an insta-worthy, memory-making road trip with your crew. Snacks, playlists, and social distancing. Plus, you can use the money you’re saving on airline tix to snap up a seriously upgraded rental, instead. A luxury convertible? You’ll be tan even before you make it to your hotel.

    Be sure to plan ahead, though, since you’ll be making some pit stops along the way for food and gas. Have your masks handy, and make sure you’re all washing your hands and using hand sanitizer. Also, consider packing a cooler with food and drinks, so you can avoid crowded roadside restaurants.

  • Stick to the great outdoors

    This isn’t the year to be indoors with a bunch of strangers, so try to stay outdoors as much as possible while you’re OOT. Outdoor sports are the perfect solution for staying healthy and having a great time.

    The warmer weather is perfect for a golf trip. Pack your golf clubs and pick a nice sunny course. You and your bubble will find it easy to stay six feet away.

    If golf’s not your thing, how about some spring skiing? The slopes are way less crowded this time of year, so you and the crew can chill at the required six feet.

    And then there’s the mountains: hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, tubing, and all the other outdoors-y activities. And don’t forget the late night s’mores by the campfire!

  • Bonus Tip: have that uncomfortable convo

    It’s better to get all of your expectations out in the open, even if that means having a not-so-easy talk with your travel buddies. But safety means something different to each person, and you’ll need to all be on the same page if you’re going to vacation together. Maybe it’s getting a rapid-test before heading out of town together. Maybe it’s agreeing to stay out of crowded bars. Talk it through so that everyone is clear on what to expect.

Fun and safety aren’t mutually exclusive. So keeping up-to-date on CDC recommendations while planning an epic vacay is doable. Whether you follow our suggestions or just use them as conversation starters, you and your besties deserve an awesome spring break!

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P.S. – wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and don’t ditch your friends at the (socially distanced) club.