How to Plan a Father’s Day Vacation Your Dad Will Love

Father's Day vacation
Because Dad deserves his day to be amazing!

This year, give your dad a gift that goes beyond the usual. Take him on a special Father’s Day vacation, planned just for him, to show your appreciation for all the years of love and support he’s given you. Go ahead: indulge his interests, spend one-on-one time together, and most importantly, create beautiful memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Here are some tips for creating a getaway that’s just as amazing as Dad is!

  • Choose the right destination

    But where is that destination? It depends on your dad!

    Keep your dad’s hobbies and interests (beyond his favorite child!) in mind when deciding where to take him. Then make your choice bigger.

    Does Dad spend his weekends fishing at the local pier? Then a lakeside cabin might be just the spot. If he’s a fan of The History Channel, a city rich in historical landmarks could be perfect for a Father’s Day vacation.

    We could go on, but you guys get the idea! Do your research and pick a city tailored to Dad’s passion.

  • Plan fun activities together

    Once you’ve picked out the perfect destination, plan activities that your dad truly will enjoy.

    Think of things to do that highlight the uniqueness of your destination: a guided walking tour, a round of golf at a top-tier course, or reservations at a local brewery’s tasting room.

    Just don’t overload your itinerary! Playing golf or exploring the city every single day can become tiring… for both of you. Instead, mix up activities so that Dad has something exciting and different to look forward to each day.

  • Book downtime

    As impossible as it may feel, Dad isn’t getting any younger. That guy who chased you around the park or carried you on his shoulders at a theme park…well, he might need the occasional nap or early bedtime now.

    So although planning fun activities is important, it’s equally crucial to make sure you’re scheduling downtime, too.

    Start your day slowly, and maybe a little later, instead of booking the first tee time of the day. Or keep an afternoon free, so Dad can have quiet time to read, nap, or just enjoy being with you.

    A well-balanced itinerary can make your trip more enjoyable and less exhausting—the ultimate win-win!

  • Add personal touches

    Throughout your trip, add those special personal touches that will make your Father’s Day vacation feel extra special for Dad.

    It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous; here are some simple, but sweet, options:

    – Pack his favorite snacks
    – Create a custom playlist with tunes from your childhood
    – Invite an old friend of his to meet you at your destination
    – Pack a board game that you played as a family

    And for a foodie dad, if you’re staying at an Airbnb, you can arrange to have groceries delivered and cook his favorite meal together.

    These small, thoughtful details will show your dad just how much effort you’ve put into planning a trip that’s meaningful to him.

  • Capture memories

    Whether it’s just you and Dad or you’ve invited other family members, one thing’s certain: this Father’s Day vacation will be epic!

    And a trip this amazing deserves to be documented. Capture memories with lots of photos and videos. Maybe jot down a few journal notes each evening. You can even write down some of Dad’s personal memories, such as his low golf score or his favorite hiking trail.

    After your trip, surprise Dad with one final gift. Create a photo album, digital slideshow, or even a quick video as a keepsake.

    It’ll give Dad a chance to relive your memories—until your next adventure together, that is!

Ready to have fun and make memories? These tips will practically guarantee that your Father’s Day vacation is a meaningful celebration of the wonderful man you call Dad.

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Favorite child status: achieved!