How To Ship Your Stuff Home From College

First, congrats! You’ve (almost?) survived the semester!

While you’re thinking about your well-deserved break right now, it’s never too early to think about how you’re going to get your stuff home when the semester ends.

You’ll be too busy cramming for finals to think about it then and, honestly, we’re not a big fan of packing, either. It can be a major pain. Actually, the whole moving process can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be!

Want to successfully ship your suitcases and boxes home after the semester without any headaches? Our tips will guide you so you DON’T have to lug everything with you on the flight back home and pay extra baggage fees. Legit, who has time and money for such nonsense?

We’re not about that life.

  • Get Rid Of What You Don’t Need

    You don’t have to live a minimalist lifestyle, but you also don’t have to hold on to everything. Do you really want to pack that shirt you never wear? Are you going to wear at it home over the summer… or ever? It may be time to get rid of the items/clothes you don’t need or wear anymore. This will help when you pack.

  • Make A List, Check It Twice

    With finals, that 10-page paper you’re procrastinating to write, and maybe attending a couple parties, your brain will be all over the place. For the sake of your sanity, create a checklist for everything you need to do for your move (get boxes, donate clothes, etc.). This will help you stay organized and on top of everything.

  • Know Your Move Out Date

    If you’re in a college dorm, check with your RA (resident advisor). If you’re renting an apartment space, check with your landlord/lease. If you know your move out date, it will help you plan your schedule accordingly. Try not to wait until the last minute (like the night before your move out date) to pack! You’ve pulled enough all-nighters!

After you’ve packed, donated and partied (or studied!), it’s time to consider your shipping services. LugLess has been specifically created to cater to college students and travel addicts who love experiencing life at a great rate!

Reasons To Consider LugLess

If you’re flying home, adding on extra baggage will cost a fortune. Here are our main benefits that come from to using LugLess:

  • Easy AF:

    Nothing’s worse than dragging all of your stuff through the airport. When you use LugLess as a shipping service, you just have to pack up your stuff and let someone else do the work. Your luggage will be delivered right to your destination and you’ll barely lift a finger.

  • Cheap:

    Our rates start at $15. That’s a small price to pay to not deal with the nightmare that comes with lugging your baggage to the airport. And we’ve done the math, it’s totally cheaper to ship your luggage.

  • On Your Schedule:

    You don’t have to wait until your move out date to ship stuff home. You can slowly ship your belongings home one-by-one throughout the semester with LugLess. Once you’re done with your winter gear, ship it home! Or you can wait until the end of the spring semester to ship it all home. It’s completely up to you!

We totally get the different levels of stress that comes with starting and ending the semester, especially if you’re graduating this year. And let’s be real, everything just feels so much more difficult during the second semester — classes, relationships, and even the weather (is it winter? is it spring? Who can tell!).

So chill out with LugLess. With everything going on, who has time to worry about dragging your stuff home. Do yourself a favor and ship your stuff home from school!

Have any packing tips? Let’s continue the convo in the comments!

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