Hysterical things people have done to avoid paying checked baggage fees

So you’re getting ready for your trip and packing your stuff up. The fear of lugging bags and paying airline fees is very real to you right now.

Instead of setting aside extra money for the upcoming check-in “moment of truth” on your 50 lbs bag (did I get it under 50 lbs, pretty please) you decide to do one of the following options to avoid dreaded airline baggage fees.

Maybe you’re thinking of a guy wearing a vest with 26 pockets to store all of his gear? Nope. It gets more outlandish than that. The below options are not what you would do but we thought we’d give you some inspiration as you get ready for your next airport experience.

Here are 2 recent stories we found over the past few months worth sharing.

  • Just wear all your clothes – let’s hope it was winter

    In October, 2019 there was a Filipino airline passenger, Gel Rodriguez, who was at check-in and her bags were 4.4 lbs overweight. She had to think fast and instead of paying the extra fee she opted to take the extra 4.4 lbs out and wear them on the airplane.

    While this is very comical the LugLess team is not sure if we would’ve wanted to sit next to her on the airplane. On second thought, after seeing the actual photo (in NY Post article below), she probably would have been a lot of fun to share a row with.  Her post went viral and her is her funny comment about the airport stunt:

    “If I had known it would go viral, I would have posed better,” Rodriguez told the outlet with a laugh, admitting she wouldn’t pull this stunt again.

    “It was really hot — I don’t recommend other people do it.”

    LugLess gives our virtual baggage ‘high-five’ for her creativity and is our unofficial baggage fee avoidance warrior this year. Read the full story “>here.

  • Faking a pregnancy – this can’t end well

    If anyone has watched or is watching the popular Netflix show, The Stranger, you know this probably won’t end well for the main characters in that fictional plot.

    Good thing this travel journalist, Rebecca Andrews, was only faking a pregnancy to avoid paying excessive airline baggage fees.

    “But in all seriousness, I think it is the laziest idea I have ever had — a woman’s body can create human life, so exploiting this unique ability we have to save myself $60 was just obvious. It’s quite an uncreative hack, really.”

    Here’s the full story via cnn.

  • Or, you could use LugLess on your next airport trip

    We love it when passengers get creative around avoiding baggage fees. However, LugLess has a better way to bypass those pesky baggage fees without wearing your own clothes or faking pregnancy; ship it ahead of time and keep your dignity intact.

    Our luggage shipping service is often less expensive than airline baggage fees and frees up both your hands and shoulders when you travel through an airport. Check out if LugLess may be a better solution for you on your next airport check-in experience.

However you go about trying to avoid shelling out $35 or more for a checked bag, we wish you luck. Our advice is simple: either make sure you have a bag that is an approved carry on size suitcase or just ship it ahead with LugLess!