Real Simple: 6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

So, this is a first for LugLess. Real Simple provided 6 products to simplify your life this year – and we were one (as a service).

From clever ironing tables, laundry sanitizers with 0% Bleach, reusable beauty swabs to shipping your luggage ahead of time.

It’s rare that LugLess, given it is a service, ever finds its way into product based tips, hacks to simplify your life. It’s awesome to see our service being treated as a product, as at the end of the day, anything that makes your life easier should be shared.

Check out the full Real Simple article and products from Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, to smaller product sites that are sure to make your household chores that much easier and effective.

And the last chore when you travel is dealing with your baggage. That is where we come in and our low cost luggage shipping service. Pretty awesome for LugLess to be able to limit this baggage chore for travelers.