JetBlue’s New Baggage Fee Hikes: Positively Explained

Now, we know what you’re thinking; how can a luggage shipping service, like LugLess, trying to replace checking a bag on an airline and that not-so-fun process, give a positive, honest spin for JetBlue’s new rise in baggage fees? Read on and see how we do, seriously.

JetBlue just raised their 1st and 2nd checked bag fees for all bookings made after January 15, 2020. This is the the second such increase in the past two years.

You’d be surprised at our findings on why they did it and how it can help you enjoy your next JetBlue flight and airport experience that much more. Knowing ahead of time all the fees / perks = travel power!

The new JetBlue checked baggage fee deets:
  • $35 for first checked bag ($5 increase from 2019)
  • $45 for second checked bag ($5 increase from 2019)
  • $80 for two checked bags ($10 increase from 2019)

Keep in mind, these fees are one-way, so checking two bags round trip will add $160 to your ticket price.


The new JetBlue increase for 1st and 2nd checked bags (via their baggage fee page) is not such a big increase to most passengers these days. Especially, with ultra low, starting price fares most US airlines offer cost-conscious passengers.

JetBlue is the first major US airline to increase their 1st and 2nd checked baggage fees in 2020. We should all take note and embrace this new baggage fee change as many additional major US airlines will most likely follow suit as they did in 2019.

LugLess comments: decide what airline is best for you, by factoring in, not only baggage fees, but everything else you enjoy and love with your preferred airline(s), prior to booking your next flight.

JetBlue, despite their higher 1st and 2nd checked baggage fees, is one of the US airlines that LugLess team members and family love to fly with throughout the year!

From touchscreens for each seat to free Wifi, DIRECTV and SiriusXM radio; even LugLess can be easily wooed with standard JetBlue perks like these when we fly (and deservedly so with these type of free amenities).

Purchase / select checked baggage on JetBlue’s app (ahead of time):

Who wants to wait in crowded check in lines, despite if your checked bag is free or not? Said no one ever!

At LugLess, we love this “advance pay /select checked bag option” model by JetBlue. By pricing and locking in your baggage and possible fees ahead of time, prior to your flight experience, it makes the at airport check-in process that much better .

JetBlue aptly points out below, as reported by CNN recently, by increasing this nominal fee their passengers can have a more fluid check-in / airport experience by paying or selecting their checked baggage ahead of time.

“By incentivizing customers to select their checked bag option ahead of time using our website or award-winning mobile app, we can reduce transactions in the airport lobby and improve the customer experience,” the airline said in a statement.

And, if you are a loyalty member with JetBlue, check how this new pricing affects you on your next trip to the airport, here.

Good news: Pre-book your baggage fees via their app and save $5 with JetBlue

Nothing more for LugLess to say, other than that this is a great move by JetBlue to motivate passengers to book their baggage, ahead of time. Everyone will win by less issues / delays around baggage at the airport.

This new JetBlue move helps accomplish more on-time departures/arrivals, less delays in the terminal, and a happier flight staff and loyal passengers everywhere JetBlue fly’s in 2020.

JetBlue said it will offer a $5 discount to passengers who add a checked bag online or through its app at least 24 hours before the flight. But passengers who check a bag after the check-in window opens, which is 24 hours before a flight departs, will pay the new prices.

If you still are curious about shipping your luggage with services like LugLess vs checking it with an airline, below is a handy and simple chart to decide what is best for you on your next trip through an airport in 2020.

Source: and effective January 20, 2020

To read the full CNN business article on JetBlue’s recent 2020 baggage fees, read here.