Popular Mechanics: Should You Rent Skis or Buy Them?

Let’s be honest, not all travelers should buy their own skis or snowboards. For the novice skier, it may make more sense for you to rent vs. buy your own clubs on your next trip to the slopes. Rentals have gotten much better over the years at popular ski destinations like Vail, Colorado.

With that said, Popular Mechanics, smartly pegged LugLess as a smart option for avid skiers that want to avoid baggage fees:

Linkenheimer says that many of his regular customers are getting around airline baggage fees, saying “customers who ship gear buy reusable, durable hard cases,” he says. “Then they stick the shipping label right on them.”

For those die-hard skiers and snowboarders that don’t want to let their mountain game be victim to inferior rentals, LugLess stacks up as a smart and cheap alternative via Popular Mechanics deep dive on renting vs. buying your own clubs.

Here’s the full article with helpful tips to guide your decision this year.