What to Pack: 13 Travel Gadgets and Secret Weapons

travel gadgets

Even when you’re going somewhere great, travel is a giant pain-in-the-booty hassle. We’re not winning any genius awards disclosing this. But we are always on the look out for tricks and tools that help make it a little easier—from noise-cancelling headphones that don’t cost a zillion dollars, the comfiest eye masks, and other travel gadgets, to helping you travel without the luggage. We’re givers, that’s just who we are. You’re welcome. Here are some of our fave finds:

  • Travel Comfort & Entertainment
    • Infinity Travel Pillow: TBH a lot of travel pillows make you look like a dork. But this one is more like a super cozy scarf. Plus, you can use it in a bunch of different ways and adjust as necessary. $39 infinitypillow.co
    • Soundcore Space NC Noise-Canceling Headphones: Why are so many noise-cancelling headphones so crazy expensive?! They’re only creating actual magic and making noise go away. These are great and much better priced. $59.99 soundcore.com
    • The Airhook: This might look a bit ridic, but when you’re on a plane without screens, or would rather watch what’s on your iPad than a Will & Grace episode from 1998, you’ll thank us. It also helps you multi-task—get through those CPS reports on your laptop on the tray table while catching up on whatever you’re currently bingeing (which might actually be Will & Grace, we’re not here to judge.) $24.95 theairhook.com
    • Headphone Jack Splitter: Sometimes you want to watch what your friend is watching, and one earbud isn’t enough, especially when you’re on a loud plane. One of the cheapest travel gadgets you can get, a headphone jack splitter lets you plug two sets of headphones into one iPad or laptop. $3.99 bestbuy.com
    • Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask: A good eye mask is surprisingly hard to find. You want it tight enough so it doesn’t move but not so tight it cuts off your circulation… dark enough that it keeps out light but not so thick it makes you sweat. This bad boy seems to do the trick. $11.95 nidragoods.com
    • Thermacell Heated Insoles: Keep your toesies toasty whether you’re skiing or just visiting a cold-weather destination. Your little piggies will thank you as you’re headed to market, or getting roast beef. (Only realizing now how creepy that nursery rhyme was…) $44.99 amazon.com
  • Packing Genius
    • Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cubes: Packing cubes are game changers, and if you’re not on board yet, get there. Most people pack different categories together (eg socks & undies in one, shirts in another, etc.). Some super A-type personalities even create full outfits at home and pack each day’s in its own cube. These have the added bonus of being able to shrink down their contents with its compression capabilities. Fancy. $38 eaglecreek.com
    • Ready2go Leather Tech Organizer: The way-chicer-than-a-ziploc-baggie way to keep your wires neat and tidy. $29.99 personalcreations.com
  • Memory Capturing Gadgets
    • DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal: This doodad will help you record videos on your phone that WON’T look like outtakes from The Blair Witch Project because its very cool technology prevents shaky jostling. Unclear how it works but it does. $119 dji.com
    • Leknes Smartphone Camera Lenses: These lenses clip onto your phone’s camera lens allowing you to take extra cool photos. The wide angle and macro lenses are some of the best travel gadgets you’ll own. $13.99 amazon.com
  • Techy Tools
    • Samsonite Portable Charger: Yes you have to remember to keep this extra charger charged, but man oh man—when you need this thing and it’s there for you, you will give yourself a big ole pat on the back. $40 samsonite.com
    • GoTenna Mesh: File this under that same “I don’t understand how it works but geez do I appreciate it” category. This gadget gives you cell service when there’s no cell service to be found. $179 gotennamesh.com
    • Anker USB Wall Charger: Get yourself one of these wall chargers with multiple USB spaces and you only need to travel with charger wires, not the plugs. It’s the little things in life. $27.99 anker.com

What are your favorite travel gadgets and secret weapons? Let us know and we’ll add ’em to our list.

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