The Best Beach Gear for 2023: What’s New and Awesome

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9 Beach Essentials for an Epic Vacay

As the thermometer rises, so does our need for a beach getaway! Now, we trust that you guys have the basics down pat: your oversized sunnies, a comfy beach chair, and lots of sunscreen. But there’s a whole lot of beach gear out there that’ll make your day at the beach so much easier and way more fun.

Check out the best beach gear for 2023 (and beyond) to create a beach getaway that feels absolutely magical!

  • Clip-on fan

    No wind? No problem! Create your own air flow with a battery-operated fan that can clip onto your beach umbrella or beach chair.

    For a little extra cooling-off power, look for clip-on fans that include a mister. Pour some water into the bottle and you’ll stay fresh all day.

    Best Beach Gear for: an easy-breezy beach day

  • Dog water bottle

    If you’re a dog owner, you know it’s not a vacation without your fur baby. And water is a must-have to keep your pup from overheating.

    Dog water bottles have attachments that turn them into a wide, shallow bowl. You can decide how much fresh water to dispense at once, then return the rest right back into the bottle.

    Best Beach Gear for: keeping your pup hydrated

  • Drink holders

    While we’re on the subject of hydration…

    The humans need their drinks, too! Whether it’s water, Gatorade, or a piña colada, setting it on the sand just gets it, well, sandy. Beach drink holders serve as sand coasters that keep the bottom of your cup, can, or bottle dry and sand-free.

    Best Beach Gear for: a sand-free drink

  • Inflatable body board

    Headed to a beach known for its waves? Give older kids (or you kids at heart!) something to get their adrenaline pumping with an inflatable body board.

    An inflatable body board takes up almost zero space in your suitcase, but will add tons of excitement to your beach fun.

    Best Beach Gear for: riding the waves

  • Inflatable lounger

    Hard, bumpy sand? No, thanks. Beach chairs? Maybe. But an inflatable lounge chair? Oh yes, sign us up!

    You guys, these are amazingly comfortable. They’re like your own little cocoon for relaxing, napping, and tanning the day away. And they’re super easy to inflate. Just open the valve and whisk it through the air, and it’ll pretty much inflate itself.

    Best Beach Gear for: naptime!

  • Portable lock box

    Keys, money, phone… no matter how lightly you travel, chances are you’ll have a few valuables with you during a beach day. And it’s no fun trying to keep an eye on them when you’re in the water.

    Keep them safe with a portable lockbox. The steel cords will tie it to your chair, cooler, umbrella, or whatever you’d like, and the combination lock will keep your belongings safe inside.

    Best Beach Gear for: a little peace of mind

  • Sand-off mitt

    As much as we love our beach days, we want to feel fresh and sand-free on the way back to the hotel.

    These mitts are incredibly soft and easy to use. Just pat them along your body to release the fine powder, then gently dust off any sand.

    Best Beach Gear for: leaving the sand where it belongs… at the beach

  • Umbrella tray

    If you want to keep your stuff off the sand, then this is the beach accessory for you.

    These convenient trays slide right onto your umbrella pole and have plenty of room for snacks, drinks, sunglasses, and anything else.

    Best Beach Gear for: keeping your stuff sand-free

  • Wearable UV monitor

    You guys know the importance of sunscreen, so we’ll spare the lecture. But even if you know you have to re-apply, and often, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re watching the waves.

    To avoid looking like a lobster on vacay, a wearable UV monitor can keep track of how much sun you’re getting. You can even connect it to your smartphone for that all-important reminder to re-apply.

    Best Beach Gear for: getting a healthy glow, and no more than that

Ready to make the most of your next beach vacation? Then make sure you bring these must-haves with you!

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