4 Essential Tips for Freshman Before Heading to College

From figuring out what to major in to finding new friends, transitioning from high school to college is a whole new ball game. You’re essentially an adult, which means more than the sweet freedom of having cereal for dinner.

This new chapter of your life can set up the foundation for your entire college career if done right. Learn how to get organized, research academic support, and maybe learn to properly feed yourself.

Don’t sweat. We have 4 tips to get you on your way before starting your new life this fall semester.

  • Facetime Your New Roomie

    Make that awkward first meeting with your new roommate a little less awkward by reaching out before you officially move into the dorm. Most colleges and universities provide housing information in advance, so do yourself a favor and reach out to your future roommate! Ask questions (i.e. what’s your major, have any summer trips planned), figure out what you have in common, and decide on who is bringing what.

    It can feel kind of strange reaching out to someone who you’ve never met before but it’ll be worth it! Hop on a call, send them an email, FaceTime or Skype and start a texting history (but don’t text them 20x a day — you want to be friendly, not stalker-ish). If possible, meet in person for lunch and remember to be yourself!

  • Buy All The Things

    OK, maybe not ALL the things, but definitely essentials (bedding & storage) and some decor items (art, throw pillows, faux plants — cause who has time to keep the real things alive).
    Part of the thrill of moving onto campus is dorm room shopping! Need ideas on where to shop? Check out these fun, budget-friendly places!

    Target — this is your one-stop-shop for pretty much everything from new duvet covers, sheets towels, fun decor (unicorn lamp anyone?), and you can even grab some school supplies while you’re at it.

    Amazon — If you don’t feel like putting on pants and going anywhere, log on to Amazon.com and start adding everything and anything to your shopping cart. It’s easy AF, especially if you’re a Prime member. Who doesn’t like pressing a button and having your package appear at your doorstep immediately? (P.S. Look into the Amazon Prime Student discount – you’ll get a free trial of Amazon Prime for six months!)

    IKEA — Another great place to look for college dorm room essentials is IKEA. You’ll find everything (furniture, laundry hamper, bathrobe, slippers, etc) at different styles to add that magic touch to your new semester at a new school. Make cramming for tests a bit easier with a personalized study area!

  • Find A Local Bank

    Make it easy on yourself and find a bank nearby and start a checking and/or savings account. Some banks offer student accounts with discounts and programs, so make sure to ask about that specifically! And, of course, see if the bank offers online banking and find out if there are any fees for withdrawals and deposits.

    Your bank could be on-campus or off-campus, but most Freshmen don’t have a car so it’s best to have a bank or ATMs nearby and within walking distance. Find 2-3 banks and compare bank fees, interest rates, and convenience. Just as an example, Chase is one of the biggest banks in the world and offers a college version checking account.

    P.S. Consider finding a part-time job on campus as long as it doesn’t interfere with your schoolwork — you gotta pay for those frozen burritos somehow! Some work-study jobs even allow students to study/do homework on their downtime!

  • Final Step, Move

    Packing and moving isn’t that fun but you can make the process as easy as possible. And LugLess can help you ship to school cheap! Start by decluttering and packing clothes/other items that you already own (and will need — so, no not your Halloween costume from 5 years ago that you never wear). Grab some boxes (you can buy them in bulk at Staples but we recommend getting extra sturdy double wall cardboard boxes from a nearby FedEx or UPS store to ensure nothing gets damaged in transit) and packing tape, put on some music and start packing.

    Leave the junk, pack the goods, then ship your stuff with LugLess! There’s no need to hire expensive moving vans or buy into extra airline fees! LugLess’s affordable rates start at $15 and the shipping process will be smooth sailing. Plus, after you get settled in and get a little homesick, your parents can ship care packages with LugLess, too! Care packages will make your first year much sweeter (especially if there are yummy treats in the care packages)!

Ready for your first year of college? Remember to breathe and take it slow. College is definitely going to have challenges but it’s also going to be one of the most exciting times in your life! You’re going to have fun, learn new skills (inside and outside the classroom), and maybe even have cereal for dinner (but don’t forget to eat your veggies!).

Welcome to adulting! You’re in for a quite a ride!

What are you looking forward to the most as a college Freshmen? Let us know in the comments!

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