T+L: Ship your stuff instead of checking bags.

Well, Travel + Leisure did a nice thing. They wrote this big long article called 16 Easy Tips for Saving Money on Your Family Vacation and (what do you know) they included lil’ ol’ LugLess right there on their list:

If you are going on a camping trip or some other travel that requires a lot of gear, it might make more sense to ship your luggage ahead of time instead of paying checked bag fees at the airline. There are now services such as LugLess that make it easier.

For bulky items like diapers or last-minute needs like snacks, also consider ordering to your hotel or rental. For example, Amazon offers same-day delivery at some Disney World hotels.

Travel + Leisure

To be clear, you need not be a camper to benefit from the travel delight that is LugLess. You can be a glamper. Or a golfer, or skier, or lazing around the hotel pool kind of person. No judgement here.