5 Ways To Eat Vegan On Your Next U.S. Trip

Vegan-friendly dining spots are popping up all over the U.S!

It has never been easier to eat plant-based during a vacation. We live in a country where plant-based meals are more popular, especially for health benefits and we are beyond excited here at LugLess to be behind this growing movement! We’re also super hungry and if you’re vegan or just want to be more health conscious while traveling this beautiful country, we got you!

Use these delicious tips to travel within the United States like a boss on a plant-based diet! The possibilities are limitless.

  • Do Your Research

    Start your research early and make a list on your phone of all the vegan-friendly spots in your travel destination. For example, Austin, TX, has plenty of vegan restaurants and you def won’t go hungry. During your research, there are a few things you can try. Here are some cool suggestions.

    Google. Type in Vegan + your destination (i.e. vegan New York) and a whole list of restaurants will pop up.

    Search on Yelp. Type in “vegan” by location and read reviews and see what other people have to say!

    Search on HappyCow. Type in your city or zip code and every vegan option will show up.

  • Don’t Rule Out Non-Vegan Restaurants

    If you really can’t find vegan restaurants, don’t sweat. There are plenty of restaurants that will accommodate your dietary requirements. Don’t wait until you get to the restaurant to find out if they have vegan options. Look at their website and scan their menu. Or call ahead of time and ask how they can serve you. You never know what delicious options non-vegan restaurants can cook up for you!

  • Travel W/ The Right People

    Let’s face it. When you travel with other people, you have to compromise. Make sure you’re with people who understand and respect your vegan lifestyle. This will make dining out a lot easier. And, you don’t necessarily have to dine with your travel mates all the time. Go ahead and enjoy your own company and dine out vegan style solo. Let your travel buds do their thing and you do yours.

  • Pack Your Fave Snacks

    Snacks are the bomb.com and if you can, create a vegan snack pack. We’re talking trail mix, roasted chickpeas, hummus & veggies, granola, and fruit. Delish! Make sure your vegan snack pack is easy to transport and follows airline guidelines (if you’re flying). If you really want to have less to lug, ship your luggage with LugLess starting at only $15. More vegan snacks, less baggage. That’s the way travel should be.

  • Cook At Your Airbnb

    Get a little creative and relax in your Airbnb for an evening. Find a local supermarket, have a meal in mind and grab some ingredients. Your Airbnb might even have some vegan-friendly cooking oil and pots and pans to use. Turn on some music, open a bottle of wine and get cooking. Make it a party! Maybe it’s a quinoa vegan burrito bowl type of night. Search on YouTube for easy vegan recipes and you’ll have lots of options!

See? Vegan travel within the US is really easy! We’re always looking for great vegan dining spots, so let us know in the comments below what your favorite U.S. vegan restaurants are! Cheers!

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