How To Date On Vacation Without Using Dating Apps

Today, it seems like the only way to meet someone new is through swiping right or left. And even then, you’re still likely not meeting in-person. There’s nothing wrong with dating apps but on your next vacation, try something different.

It’s time to get off your phone and make dating a part of your vacay. Who wants to spend their vacation time with their nose in their phone mindlessly swiping? Boring.

We’ve got simple dating tips that you can implement on your next trip and you don’t have to use your phone one bit. Unless it’s storing your new bae’s digits.

  • Talk To People

    Yes, you must actually talk to people. Like, in-person. When you’re on vacation, get in the habit of starting up conversations with other people. This way, you’ll see immediately how you connect right off the bat. Most people are open to meeting new people. You may get the occasional brush off or vibe that they don’t want to connect. If that happens, respect their decision and move on. There’s plenty of people to talk to! Start by introducing yourself, ask if they’re local and for some cool things to do in the area. Who knows? You may get a date and a tour guide.

  • Go To Local Events

    You’re on vacation anyway, so why not go to local events? Whether it’s karaoke night at a local bar, art fairs, concerts, or running a 5k, exploring local events on vacation will not only help you experience your new destination but you’ll be surrounded by new people. Always go back to the first tip, *talk to people*. Research local events that pique your interest and plan to attend them on vacation. Check out events on sites like Eventbrite and Meetup. You may meet someone who shares your interest (i.e. wine tasting) which may lead to a dinner date!

  • Try Local Classes

    Classes are another great way to meet people. You’ll experience or learn something new while meeting new people. Try a yoga class, a cooking class, or a BYOB painting class. You’ll be sure to meet newbies as you long as you remember to talk to them (because not everyone will talk to you first but will be open to your presence). Again, take classes based on your interest. Don’t do something just because you think you’ll meet a lot of singles. Make dating work around whatever you want to do. You are on vacay.

  • Mingle w/ Other Travelers

    Don’t rule out other travelers. If you’re around doing touristy things or on a tour, make an effort to talk to them! In fact, it’s likely they’re going to do the same activities as you, so you might as well sightsee together. If you’re on tour, make the extra effort to chat. For example, a wine tour is the perfect, relaxed atmosphere to introduce yourself. All you have to do is say, “Hi! I’m [insert name]! What’s your name?” See? Easy. Even easier with a glass of wine your hands.

  • Happy Hour At Your Hotel

    Make sure to pick a hotel that has a good common area where you can go to relax, have a drink, and mingle with others. Happy hour at your hotel is a great way to meet people without much effort. You don’t have to leave the hotel to grab a drink, you can chat as much as you want, and if the convo is dull, just leave. And even if you’re staying at an Airbnb, you can stop by at a hotel or local bar for happy hour. If you don’t get a date, at least you’ll get drinks at happy hour deals!

Try these tips out to find your next date on vacay. It’ll be so much more fun than mindlessly swiping and being glued to your phone.

Remember to always be safe. Don’t give away information (your address, hotel location, hotel room number, etc) to anyone who doesn’t seem trustworthy. Always tell your friends or family where you’ll be on your dates, and if you’re on a solo trip, text a trustworthy friend at home. And this goes without saying but use protection if you plan on having sex. You don’t want to take home any *surprise* souvenirs.

Do you date when you travel? What are you tips that don’t involve dating apps?

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