7 Essential Tech Tools for Digital Nomads

digital nomad

Being a digital nomad is full of perks: live wherever you want, indulge your wanderlust, set your own schedule, meet new people… the freedom is amazing! But as exciting as the lifestyle is, most digital nomads need to work, too. And that means staying organized and productive on the road.

Luckily, there are plenty of apps and websites to help keep you on track. Here are our picks for the seven must-use tech tools for digital nomad success!

  • DayOne

    Okay, it might not be work-related, buuuut if you’re loving that digital nomad life, journaling is a must! You might think that you’ll never forget the name of that uber-cool brewery in Portland, but why take the chance?

    DayOne is an online travel journal that tracks all of your good times (and the times that you’ll laugh about… someday). The app itself adds in the date, time, and weather. You just add your thoughts and pictures. You can even print your travel journal as a book!

  • FitOn

    When you’re a digital nomad, a gym membership isn’t a very practical investment. When you’re moving from city to city, you never know where you’ll be working out. And outdoor workouts are only as good as the weather. But a healthy body = a healthy mind, so…

    Enter FitOn and its hundreds of free on-demand workouts that allow you to get your sweat on in your hotel, Airbnb, or The Great Outdoors!

    Choose your favorite type of workout; they have everything from yoga to boot camp. Or you can browse by intensity, time, or target area. 6-pack abs, anyone?

  • Headspace

    Meditation has been proven to boost productivity and boost performance. But it’s not always easy to find that inner stillness if you’re new to meditating.

    With Headspace, hundreds of guided meditations boost your mind-body health in as little as three minutes per day. You’ll clear your mind to reduce stress and sharpen your focus.

    And if you have trouble sleeping in a new city, Sleep by Headspace is there to help you drift off.

  • Hopper

    If there’s one thing a digital nomad loves to do, it’s fly! City to city, cross-country, chasing music festivals and beach weather. But flying isn’t cheap, so finding the best prices is a major goal.

    The Hopper app tracks flights for up to a year in advance with an advertised 95% accuracy. You look for the flights you’re interested in, and Hopper will notify you when it’s the best time to buy. According to their app, they can save you an average of 40%.

    Just make sure you drop us a postcard from your next destination, ‘kay?

  • LugLess

    Living out of a suitcase (or two… or three…) means hauling your stuff with you every time you move. And with the cost of checked baggage, that can send the price of your plane ticket through the roof.

    Save money and stress by shipping your stuff to your next location with LugLess. For less than the average cost of a checked bag, your stuff will be waiting for you. No bag fees, no hanging out at baggage claim, and no hassles!

    P.S: you don’t even need a printer! Create digital shipping labels on your phone that you can scan at FedEx or UPS.

  • Trello

    Think of Trello as a digital organizer that you can access online or on your phone. Create boards for different projects with everything from due dates to status updates. You can even color code your boards, making them easy-to-read with just a quick glance.

    If you work with a team, Trello allows you to share projects, so you can collaborate and all stay on track.

  • Workfrom

    Sure, as a digital nomad you can work from anywhere you’d like. As long as your Airbnb or hotel has WiFi, you’re golden, right? But sometimes those walls get a little too tight, and you start to miss being around other people.

    That’s where Workfrom comes in to save the day! The website/app can help you find a cafe, coworking space, or coffee shop in over 1200 cities. Not just a “free WiFi” app, the spaces on their site have all been vetted by their global community.

Being part of the digital nomad community is a blast, no doubt. And with these helpful tech tools, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the remote work lifestyle!