9 Essential Moving Tips for Your First Apartment

first apartment

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving into your first apartment? Congratulations! Few things are more exciting than finally having your own place—and having the freedom to decorate your home sweet home just the way you like.

But before you start packing for your big move, make sure your new place is as ready as you are. Our moving checklist will make your transition easy-peasy.

  • Make a floor plan of your new digs

    Once you’ve secured your first apartment, sketch out its floor plan. Include measurements for every room, wall, closet, hallway, and door.

    A floor plan can help you figure out ahead of time where your belongings will go, so you can label your moving boxes properly. And you’ll need those measurements before you decide whether to buy that comfy-but-extra-long couch.

  • Arrange utilities

    Contact the utility companies ahead of time to arrange to have services turned on and in your name. Some utilities, such as internet and cable, can wait a little longer. But you’ll want electricity, gas, and water turned on from day one.

    Pro Tip: Some apartments include utilities as part of your monthly rental fee. Ask ahead of time so you know which ones you can skip.

  • Change your mailing address

    Update your address with anyone who sends you mail, especially financial institutions such as your bank or any credit card companies. Not receiving your credit card bill doesn’t mean you guys can skip a payment!

    Once you have bills and a lease in your name as proof of your address, you’ll be able to update any important documents, such as your driver’s license.

  • Make spare keys

    If you only got one set of keys to your place, make at least one spare set. Leave them with a trusted friend or family member, in case you ever get locked out.

  • Get your apartment ready ahead of time

    Before you move in, give your apartment a thorough cleaning. Mop and vacuum all floors, dust all surfaces, and scrub the bathrooms and kitchen.

    Also, have basic tools handy on the first day: screwdrivers and Allen wrenches if you’re putting together any furniture, spackle and a small spatula to cover any existing holes, and a hammer and nails for anything you might want to hang on the walls. If you don’t want to make holes in the walls, try a damage-free wall hanging kit.

    If you want to change the wall colors, and you have permission, now’s the time. Do your painting before you’ve unpacked and settled in, for easier access to your walls.

  • Schedule deliveries

    Chances are, you won’t have much furniture if it’s your first place. Instead, you’ll be shopping for some new stuff. Try to schedule deliveries on moving day, since you’ll already be there sprucing up your new place.

    P.S. If your furniture budget is limited, invest in a good bed and a good couch. That’s what you’ll be using the most. You can add other quality items down the road.

  • Pack smart

    You have two goals when you’re packing your stuff up for your first apartment. One, you want to maximize the use of space in your boxes. Two, you want to protect your belongings.

    When you’re arranging stuff in boxes, put your heavier items on the bottom. Then add lighter items until the box is full. The tighter the items are packed, the less they’ll shift around and possibly break.

    Label all your boxes so you can take them straight to the correct room.

    Padded mail envelopes are perfect for photo frames and other flat objects. Soft tee shirts and towels also make great padding for items you need to protect.

  • Ship your boxes

    One great thing about moving into your first apartment is that you probably haven’t accumulated much stuff yet, so you won’t need a moving company.

    A road trip might work, but you won’t want a bunch of boxes sitting in your car when you stop overnight. And if you’re flying, you can bring boxes—but it won’t be cheap!

    One of the easiest, and least expensive, ways to get your stuff from your college dorm or parent’s house to your new place is to ship your stuff with LugLess. We’ll get your boxes to your new home for you, giving you one less thing to do on moving day.

  • Explore!

    Welcome to your new neighborhood. Now go out there and explore it! Find your new favorite cafe, make friends with locals, and figure out where all the important places are: grocery store, pharmacy, or anywhere else you might frequent.

You want moving to your first apartment to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, and our moving tips can help make that happen. Happy Moving Day!