Packing for Summer Camp: 6 Ways to Get It Right

packing for summer camp

Everything You Need to Know Before Sending Your Kid Off to Camp

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and with it comes the ultimate summer rite of passage: sleepaway camp. Whether it’s their first time away from home (tears) or they can’t wait to see their camp buddies (cheers), there’s one guarantee: you’ll end up frantically packing everything at the last minute. Because packing for summer camp is an all-caps pain.

Hold up. Stop. We can feel your blood pressure rising through the screen. Packing really doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got the checklist to everything you really need to do before heading to the airport.

  • Hang on to that list

    Summer camps are going to send you their list early. Like, really early. Don’t lose it in the pile of papers you’re going to organize “this week”. You’re going to hate yourself if you find that list 5 days before camp and realize you need to shop, and now. Put the list in your purse/wallet/car now, so it’ll be handy every time you stop by the store, and you can slowly go checking things off.

    Pro Tip: take a picture with your cell phone… we both know you always have it with you. Use your favorite editing app to cross items off as you go.

  • Shop online

    Want to make life really easy? Just order it all on Amazon. Do you really need to go to the store for goggles? Nope. What about for sunscreen and bug spray? No, and no again. Do yourself a favor and order it all online. Then leave all the items in a designated drop-zone, so packing for summer camp is pretty much done for you.

    The exception would be any specialty clothing or shoes. Kids grow fast, so you’ll probably want them to try it on before spending any money.

  • Label as you go

    When you’re already rushed with packing for summer camp, the absolute last thing you want to do is spend two hours writing your kid’s name on every. single. item. Keep your sharpie handy and label everything you buy for summer camp as soon as you walk in the door. When it’s time to pack, it’ll all be ready to go.

  • Buy a waterproof toiletry bag

    Kids are messy. And they’re going to be messy with their shampoos and soaps, too. A waterproof toiletry kit will be easier for them to wipe down. It will also protect their clothes when they inevitably forget to put the cap back on their toothpaste or snap the lid on their conditioner. Like we said – they’re kids; they’re messy.

  • Don’t send anything important or expensive

    Other than your kid, that is. Because things at camp are going to get lost, dirty, or broken – maybe even all three. If it’s irreplaceable – either monetarily or sentimentally – leave it at home. Most camps have strict rules against electronics anyways, so you can throw your hands up and blame the Camp Director.

    P.S. – Be prepared to have a fight or two with older kids about leaving expensive sneakers or designer clothing at home.

  • Ship a trunk ahead of time
    • With LugLess, you can send all of your kid’s stuff to camp ahead of time. Pack it all up and ship to camp whenever you’re ready. It’ll be delivered straight there, with no hassles. 

      No chance of losing luggage on a plane: the last thing you need is for your kid to arrive at camp with suitcase (and no clothes, no toiletries, no shoes…). When you ship a trunk to camp, it’ll arrive even before your kid does.

    • Save money: Let’s face it, sleepaway camps aren’t exactly cheap. Why pay extra for checked baggage? Shipping with LugLess starts at just $20, much less than what the average airline charges.

    • Less hassle on arrival day: Think of all those kids arriving on the same day; that’s a lot of luggage for the camp to sort through. When you ship a trunk to camp with LugLess, it’ll be there ahead of time. Trust us, the camp coordinator will love you for making their life so much easier!

    Sending your kids off to camp is never truly easy. No matter how much they’re looking forward to it, and you, too – you’re going to miss them. Emotions are going to be running high those last few days.

    The last thing you want to do is add to the stress by running around town looking for everything on your list (it’s summer; sunscreen sells out). Packing and shipping a trunk to camp as far in advance as possible makes it easier on everyone.