3 Smart Tips for Packing for a Beach Vacation to Clearwater Beach

packing for a beach vacation to clearwater beach

Soft white sand. Clear turquoise water. Cloudless skies. Those are just some of the reasons why Clearwater Beach regularly makes it onto the annual lists of America’s best beaches… and we completely agree! But while you’re daydreaming of sandy toes and oversized floats, let us remind you: you need more than a bikini (or Speedo!) for an awesome beach vacay.

Not sure what to bring in your beach bag? Keep our list handy while you’re packing for a beach vacation to Clearwater Beach.

  • Beach-y clothes

    That swimsuit we mentioned above? Easy choice!

    But when you’re packing for a beach vacation to Clearwater Beach, there are a few other items you’ll want in that suitcase!

    On the beach: Wet bathing suits are cold (and kind of slimy, tbh), so you’ll want at least 2-3 bathing suits. Hang your morning swimsuit up to dry and put on a fresh one after lunch. And don’t forget a cover-up or tee shirt, which are considered suitable attire at Clearwater’s delicious beachfront cafes.

    Oh, and Clearwater Beach is super walkable, from the pier to the boardwalk. Bring your favorite well-worn kicks or flip-flops, because this definitely isn’t the place to “break in” your cute new sandals!

    Off the beach: Clearwater is definitely laid-back; leave the sparkles at home! A few pairs of dressy shorts and button downs, or your favorite sundresses, will fit in almost everywhere you go.

    And here’s our big, beach-y tip of the day. If you’re a fan of ocean sunsets—and Clearwater’s sunset celebrations are absolutely epic—bring a hoodie or sweatshirt. 75 degrees may sound warm, but it feels surprisingly chilly if you’ve been in the sun all day!

  • The ultimate beach bag

    Sure, you can buy pretty much everything you need at one of the local surf shops. But, just like at any other tourist hot spot, you’ll pay premium prices.

    Your best budget-friendly bet when you’re packing for a beach vacation to Clearwater Beach is to bring most, if not all, of your beach necessities with you.

    – More sunscreen than you think you’ll need, so you can re-apply liberally. Same with SPF lip balm.
    – Oversized, UV-rated sunglasses. Look good while you protect your peepers!
    – Bug spray; Florida gets massive mosquitoes in the evenings.
    – A lightweight beach blanket. Because renting lounge chairs on the sand isn’t cheap!
    – A reusable water bottle that you can refill at your hotel or Airbnb. Better for the environment and your wallet.
    – Sunscreen can clog your pores and cause breakouts, so bring a pack of cleansing wipes to use post-beach.
    – Aloe or other post-sun lotion. Yes, even if you use SPF all day.
    – A dry bag, to keep your essentials away from the saltwater.
    – Zip-lock bags! Clearwater and the surrounding areas are treasure troves of shells and sharks’ teeth. Take a zip-lock along on your beach walks to collect your favorites.

    Pro Tip: Bring along granola bars, dried fruit, and other goodies to keep the hanger away. Once you’ve snacked your way through them, you’ll have extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs. You’re welcome!

  • The fun stuff

    We love our beach toys! And not just for building sand castles, you guys. We’re talking about adult beach gear, especially our extra-comfy inflatable loungers.

    But when you’re packing for a beach vacation to Clearwater Beach, it’s all about you and what you enjoy. Football, portable speaker, underwater camera…

    Like snorkeling? The clear waters are a snorkeler’s haven. Love to float? Go ahead, bring that giant inflatable unicorn and drift to your heart’s content.

    P.S. for all you readers: there are plenty of palm trees on the beach, creating shady spots that’re ideal for losing yourself in a whodunnit.

Alright, you guys! Time to stop daydreaming and start packing for a beach vacation to Clearwater Beach, courtesy of our super-simple packing list!

And once it’s all packed up, ship your stuff to your hotel or Airbnb with LugLess. No hauling suitcases, no baggage claim, no stress. You can go straight from the terminal to the sand bar. Or tiki bar, we won’t tell!